'As soon as the children returned to school in September and were settled I searched up part time jobs in R'wood. That same day I took my CV to Hobbs and Joules who were advertising. I was offered an interview at Hobbs and was phoned two hours later with an offer. I have been working there since. Your process of writing the CV made me realise my potential, thank you. Will be in touch next year when my daughter will probably need a CV too'

Kind regards, Linda H

'With the brilliant CV prepared by John at A1 CVs I applied for 2 jobs, got 2 interviews and was offered 2 positions ! Wonderful effective CV thank you'


'Two years on my son needs a CV to apply for an apprenticeship training scheme for when he leaves school soon. I was glad to find A1 CVs still producing effective promotional documents and John has prepared a CV for him with a stunning profile. Alfie, my son, has confidence now to begin his career realising that his CV will probably be an effective springboard helping his progression up the ladder. We both thank you John for all your good work'

Stephen & Alfie in Bournemouth

'The way you worded my CV was impressive. After meeting with you, you highlighted duties I had carried out in previous jobs and expanded on it. You found specific things that employers look for in my previous experience, which I wouldn’t have thought to put in a CV myself.

The layout was excellent, easy to read but still highly professional and cleverly-worded. The cover letter template you gave me was also of great use - I used this for several applications. 

I applied for 5 jobs the day after you created my CV and I had 2 interviews for these. This was a massive improvement, before I had applied to around 60 jobs with my previous CV and received no response. I now have a job which I am very happy with, thanks to you!

My CV also boosted my confidence - before I worried that I didn’t have enough experience or skills that employers desired, but after reading my CV I realised that I have more relevant experience than I first thought.

It was all 100% accurate and truthful. Thank you John! '

Lauryn Dickson

''Many thanks for all your help and advice with the CVs. I have just got the job that I wanted with Beales in Bournemouth. At the interviews that I had they commented on the professional looking CV, and I am convinced it has helped me! I will recommend you any time. Regards'

Rachael Eveleigh

'You might be interested to learn that two weeks after you redrafted my CV I landed an excellent job! This was in part due to the fact that my CV  was beautiful! It definitely caught the eye of my new boss'

Julie Redford

'Thank you for the effort you put into producing my CV last week. The response has been phenomenal. One of my companies current customers wanted to employ me on the strength of this CV. I write with a deep sense of  gratitude and thanks. I can thoroughly and wholeheartedly recommend your service to anyone.

Best regards'

Phil Heath

'I applied for a job at Liverpool Victoria with the help of your Spec Letter that was included in the pack that you gave me along with the CV that you made up for me, and within two weeks I was offered a position!!
I only needed to send out one to get the new job!  Many thanks for all your help'

J Brand

'After applying for two jobs I had two interviews! The CV worked wonders'


''Thank you for my CV that has landed me with a job with Nestle here in Australia. I had plenty of interviews of which were 80% success. Kind regards,'

Jason Allen

'Thank you for producing an A1 CV! I am now in the job of my dreams and loving every minute'

Carol Samuel

'I spent several days making research into finding a CV Service provider both in London and Dorset. A1 CVs were the clear winner both for their holistic service and their policy to see clients personally one-to-one.
This was vital for me as my situation was complex. John at A1 CVs carefully crafted a promotional document especially for given objectives. It was just excellent. I would add that the cost is a big factor in that London prices for this service are astronomical. I paid well under £100 and was most satisfied'

T Hall

'Thank you so much for the super CV you did for me - it worked'



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'Thank you for producing an A1 CV! I am in the job of my dreams and loving every minute of it'

'With the brilliant CV prepared by John at A1 CV's I applied for 2 jobs, got 2 interviews and was offered 2 positions! Wonderful effective CV thank you'

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