Are you seeking a better job - or, these days, just a job?
Probably you need a new CV -
one that shines out amongst the crowd.
Contact Local Personal CV Service in Poole: A1 CVs

The CV:  We prepare attractive and impressive CVs that have real impact with employers. They are designed to be individual promotional documents; just lists of jobs and courses are simply not effective.

We recommend a one-to-one communication to ascertain the most effective information for your particular objectives. For this we offer a FREE consultation- to see some examples and hear about some of the techniques used.

Then, if you wish, a draft copy of your new CV can be prepared, usually by the next working day.

THE LETTER OF APPLICATION (COVER LETTER):  As important as your CV very often, when it comes to final selection, is the letter that goes with it when making an application (usually from an advertisement). This is a vital opportunity to provide particular information in rather more detail about how you would be especially appropriate.

We have a powerful system to write cover letters that is quite straightforward. Step by step it provides specific assurances relating to the main requirements of the job. This creates interest and the offer of interview.

We offer on-going guidance and support relating to letters FREE OF CHARGE.

ADDITIONAL SUPPORT: JOB INTERVIEWS have special demands and expectations. Our FREE 'Handy Hints' provides you with a practical guide together with 'Questions often asked at Interviews'. 

REFEREES LIST - we discuss the requirements and prepare this if required ready for interviews. This impresses with your efficiency.

CONFIDENCE. With our complete package you will find new confidence to engage in the job market. Sometimes only one CV is needed - they work!

AMENDMENTS & UPDATES: Finally, when you do get another job, or change your address etc. we offer to help with all amendments to your CV FREE OF CHARGE for the first six months (small charge thereafter). Apart from keeping it up to date to prevent losing out in the future, we seek to get it right for you. If the CV is not effective we would be happy to amend with alternative information that may be more appropriate. Success is paramount - it's the purpose of the CV.

For further information please

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